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Slim Lamp Painting Lamp



We always get asked which lamps and lights we recommend for miniature painting and are super proud to work in partnership with Native Lighting in being their exclusive wargaming industry distributor for their products. We would not stock, sell or get behind brands or products we have not thoroughly tested and tried, the Task Lamp will not disappoint!

The Slim Lamp painting lamp is perfect for a painting desk where space is a premium but you want a great light to help improve your painting and most importantly see your work a lot better! Great for painters frequently on the move who want functionality and who still want a professional painting light.

PLEASE NOTE: We are awaiting the arrival of stock and estimated delivery time for customers is 5-10 days


Inspired by Scandinavian design through minimalism, Native Lighting are a British lamp manufacturer that aim to create simple innovative lighting solutions for the majority.

With over 15 years of collective experience in the lighting industry, we create easy to use lamps for beauticians, artists, quilters, sewers, hobbyists and people with low vision.

All our lights are easily adjustable, come with CE certification where required and are also sold at a price point that is accessible to everybody.

Our full lighting range provides natural daylight at 5,500K, has a CRI of over 80 and every single lamp we sell comes with a two-year guarantee.


This slim Lamp painting lamp is designed with absolute flexibility in mind. The strong yet highly manoeuvrable and flexible aluminium neck of the lamp ensures that light can literally be shone in any direction.

The long slim head of the USB powered Slim Lamp rotates completely and has bright LEDs all the way along it, which enhances the flexibility of where the light can be shone from this lamp. Can also be mains powered with a USB plug or adapter making the slimline the perfect compact miniature painting light.

A bench clamp is provided with this lightweight Slim Lamp, allowing the user to clamp the lamp to the edge of a desk or other flat surface, without it taking up any unnecessary space on the work area.

Although this lamp is ideal for a workstation, it also is suitable for shining light on a canvas, sewing and craft activities or simply for reading.


The aluminium alloy neck and head provide a modern and sleek look to any office area.
The flexible aluminium neck can be bent in multiple directions at once, ensuring light can be positioned exactly where needed.
The powerful LEDs from the long and fully rotatable head ensure there is a wide spread of light.
This lamp is powered by USB



If you are looking to upgrade your painting space then a good light is in the top three things we recommend here at Siege Studios. Using a Slim Lamp Painting Lamp will be something you never regret upgrading to and you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Colour temperature: 5,500K (equivalent to natural daylight).
Overall length: 80cm (31.5 inches)
Lamp head length: 34cm (13.5 inches)
Weight: 0.26kg
Colour: Silver
Comes with a two-year warranty