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We always get asked which lamps and lights we recommend for miniature painting and are super proud to work in partnership with Native Lighting in being their exclusive wargaming industry distributor for their products. We would not stock, sell or get behind brands or products we have not thoroughly tested and tried, the Task Lamp will not disappoint!

The Task Lamp is THE painting light that once bought and used, you will wonder why you didn't purchase it sooner! A firm favourite here at Siege Studios and a light which we consider industry standard as a minimum for the serious miniature painter!

PLEASE NOTE: We are awaiting the arrival of stock and estimated delivery time for customers is 5-10 days. FREE POSTAGE for this product!


Inspired by Scandinavian design through minimalism, Native Lighting are a British lamp manufacturer that aim to create simple innovative lighting solutions for the majority.

With over 15 years of collective experience in the lighting industry, we create easy to use lamps for beauticians, artists, quilters, sewers, hobbyists and people with low vision.

All our lights are easily adjustable, come with CE certification where required and are also sold at a price point that is accessible to everybody.

Our full lighting range provides natural daylight at 5,500K, has a CRI of over 80 and every single lamp we sell comes with a two-year guarantee.


The Native Task Lamp is a high-powered LED professional lamp, which is designed to light up wide areas on a desk, workstation, drawing board or large painting.

It features a large shade, which can be smoothly adjusted vertically, horizontally and laterally to any desired position, ensuring that daylight can be shone where it is needed most. It also has a durable metal arm ensuring that the lamp head can be positioned at the users desired height.

This task lamp has light colour temperature of 5,500K and the lamp is three-step dimmable, meaning the user will always receive an optimal level of work.


Wide head to ensure that light is spread evenly across a large surface.
Manoeuvrable metal arm and adjustable head so that light can be shone exactly where the user requires it.

Has a three-step dimmer to provide the optimal level of light.
The lamp fixes to its surface via a clamp (which is supplied), meaning that it doesn’t take up unnecessary space on a desk or work surface. It also means that this task lamp can be used on surfaces that aren’t just horizontal.
A long reach arm of 98cm (38.5 inches).


Colour temperature: 5,500K (equivalent to natural daylight).
Head width: 50cm (19.75 inches)
Head depth: 9.5cm (3.75 inches)
Reach: 98cm (38.5 inches)
Clamp depth: 6.2cm (2.5 inches)
Weight: 1.68kg
Colour: White
Comes with a two-year warranty

If you are looking to upgrade your painting space then a good light is in the top three things we recommend here at Siege Studios. Using a Task Lamp will be something you never regret upgrading to and you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!